I’m Chad DeVries. I grew up in a small town in the Midwest like Prescott where I was raised with traditional family values. I’m a Christian, Conservative, Family Man, Republican and Local Business Owner. I have called Arizona home since 1991. Raising 5 kids and now a grandfather of four. I recently married the Love of my life Timea and helping in raising her four teenage daughters attending Prescott High School.

I spend a lot of his time working with several local charities and organizations including Fellowship of Christian athletes where I’m the board chair, Prescott Association of Realtors- 2022 Business Chair, Wheelhouse Kids Sport complex – Advisory board member, House of Hope volunteer and Agape house sponsor and many more.

I was honored to receive the 2022 Bloom tree Realty Community Champions Don Shaffer Award in memory of him. I was voted in by my peers for the person who exemplified integrity, gratitude. Community and service to others.

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Why Im Running

Arizona has given me the opportunity to be a very successful Businessman for 28 years. I Would like to give back my time, skills and be your voice in keeping the charm, traditions, history, preservation, and natural landscapes intact in our beautiful town.

I have earned a great reputation with business owners, community leaders and citizens. I have a unique ability to connect with people while maintaining a balance of listening and do what’s right.

I would be honored to receive “Your Vote” and serve you as one of your next four-year term Prescott City Council Members.

Smart Water Management

Police, Fire & Safety

Responsible Growth

Historic Preservation & beautification

Message to Chad from Ted Nugent

It is our pleasure and honor to write this letter of endorsement in support of Chad DeVries as a deserving and worthy candidate for any position he feels qualified to pursue.

I have known Chad and his family over the last 6 years on both a professional basis as a successful Realtor and a dedicated father. My wife and I met Chad and his family at the Bashford Court building adjacent tothe Historic Courthouse at the Square where we own four businesses. LostIn Socks, The Prescott Candy Company, Refill N Refresh, and our most recent venture Vincenzo's for Men. On a more personal basis, I have always found Chad to be a man of integrity, honesty and patience. He works hard in his efforts to provide detail and has a passion for accuracy-thoroughness. In my experience with Chad, I was never disappointed in his communications, his processing or in his commitments.

In summary, in my nearly 40 years as an entrepreneur I consider Chad DeVries to be one of the most caring, dedicated professionals I have been associated with.

-King Spagnuolo

Chad DeVries would make an excellent member of the Prescott City Council. Chad is a respected leader in our business community. He is intensely involved with many local organizations (The Wheelhouse, FCA, House of Hope, schools, youth sports, law enforcement, etc.) that work to improve family life here across all age groups. It is great to see Chat attend and participate in civic and school board meetings. I am confident Chad will uphold his responsibilities to keep our city safe and prosperous through support of law enforcement and local business.

He has been involved with Agape House, due to our desire to transform families from lives of desperation to becoming productive members of the community. I have seen him personally help individuals who needed a hand up (not just a handout). I love his passion to make our beautiful community a better place for all segments that reside here.

I worked in technology leadership for over 35 ears and coached community sports for 33 ears. I have worked in leadership for over 25 years with organizations that assist people (providing safe housing, rebuilding skills, correcting habits, and renewing family relationships)

-Mike Kimmel

My name Is Carlos Duran and I am a 4th-generation native of Arizona. I own anart gallery and studio located in the Bashford Courts Building in Downtown Prescott below the office of Chad Devries. I had the pleasure of meeting Chad about 3 years ago when he moved his office into the building. I had an immediate connection with Chad on topics of faith, family values, community involvement, and business. The first thing Chad did as a new neighboring business was to hire me to do a complete custom ceiling-to-floor remodel of his private office that included large scale paintings and custom furniture. The project took almost a year and was a success. I have also received over a dozen referrals over the last 2 years from Chad's network. I am grateful to Chad for the support of my business through the pandemic and continuing today.To show appreciation to Chad, I have offered my art inventory for any fundraising events that he hosts in the future. The last fundraising event Chad hosted was for The Christian Fellowship for Athletes program. I was honored to be a part of the event andit was nice to have the opportunity to give back to the same community that had supported me over last 3 years. As well as Chad being a big supporter of local business, I have watched him take people from the streets and assist them with finding jobs and housing without a second thought and wanting nothing in return. I will be forever grateful for Chad's support and friendship; he is a true blessing in my life.

-Carlos Duran

I was delighted to hear that Chad De Vries is running for political office. I believe he is just what our community needs - what any community needs.

I have seen first hand that he has a desire to help people in need. That includes the homeless people he met on the street and the ways he spent his time and money to try to help them find an end to their homelessness. I met them. I saw how he helped. I've seen his generosity in other ways - offering his downtown office (free of charge) to groups needing a meeting space, etc.

I have had many conversations with Chad, as he talked about his concerns with issues within the community. I've heard how he wants to help the people in our area with the challenges before us. I've heard and seen his commitment to Christian values (truth, honesty, integrity) - the values upon which our country has been founded.

I live in this community. I serve the needy in this community as the Director of the House of Hope 316, where we house and feed elderly men and women of low income who would be homeless otherwise. Chad has been a good friend to our ministry as we help people in need. He has been a friend to other local ministries that are also devoted to helping the needy among us.

Chad De Vries has my complete endorsement and my thanks for wanting to give of himself to help with the future of our wonderful community.

-Bert C. Hunt

Chad De Vries has proven to me that he cares.
Cares about our small town.
Cares about our children and grandchildren who will govern our future.
Cares about the quality of life we enjoy in our community.
Cares about individual freedoms.
Cares about our country and its constitution!
In this wonderful community I am a great grandson, grandson, son , husband, father, grandfather, brother, cousin,  uncle and nephew.
I trust Chad to protect my family's long history in prescott.
As a small business owner I believe in growth, but under good controls.
I respectfully trust those controls to Chad.
I support his candidacy.

-Toby Ebarb - Owner Legacy Roofing